Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I Just Don't Like Life That Much Anymore

  • That was bad. I mean, it wasn’t even close. The Packers scored only two touchdowns - and neither of them should have counted! One came on the drive that was allowed to continue after Greg Jennings' fumble was inexplicably not overturned, and the other touchdown drive was saved by a terrible roughing-the-passer call against the Giants.

  • The defensive atrocities I’ve come to accept, but I’ve just never seen the Packers make so many mistakes on offense.

  • The absolute worst play of the game was on the second to last play of the first half that setup the Hail Mary touchdown. The Giants were facing 3rd-and-1 with a dwindling clock and the Packers allowed Ahmad Bradshaw to run for the first down, plus an extra 22 yards, across the entire freaking football field, and get out of the bounds to stop the clock. Honestly, how does this happen? HOW??
"Gotcha! Wait, why are you still running? Are we playing tackle??"

  • I understand McCarthy was trying to make something happen with that onside kick to start the second quarter, and I know the Packers have had success with that in the past, but I have to question the timing. The Giants were unable to convert the recovered kick to points when Brad Jones blocked the field goal, but I thought losing the onside kick was a bit of a hit to the Packers' confidence. Then again, it was clear that the Packers desperately needed a spark, and if it had worked, I’d be calling McCarthy a genius.

  • I do not think the Packers lost because they had too much rest. That’s an easy answer because the Packers played very un-Packer-like football, and people are looking for what was different this week -- extra time off. There’s a problem with causality there. Critics of the McCarthy’s decision to rest some players try to make it sound as if all the starters took the final week off, but Rodgers was really the only healthy offensive player who did not play. I find it hard to believe that anyone believes that if Aaron Rodgers had played week 17 against Detroit that this week’s game would have been any different.
Finley still would have dropped pass after pass.

  • Who would have ever thought the NFC Championship would be Giants at 49ers???
I think Alex is pretty surprised himself.

  • Football " purists" will be happy. Three of the four teams left are known for their defensive identities, so cue the annoying slobbering about “real football,” “smash-mouth football,” and “this is what the game is really all about!”

  • I dread any game on CBS because I have to listen to their terrible announcers try to wade the complexities of calling the entire game competently.

  • The media’s love affair with the Ravens’ defense is vomit-inducing. Especially when it comes to Ray Lewis. I get praising the players - they’re excellent, but have some restraint. Every time Ray Lewis screams into the camera, the announcers fall over themselves to say brilliant things like, “Nobody, and I mean nobody plays with more passion than Ray Lewis!!!!!” Okay, fine, but you just said the same thing three minutes ago about Terrell Suggs … and Ed Reed … and Haloti Ngata.
"LOOK! HE'S DANCING!" Just like he does every. single. game.

  • Arian Foster is really, really good. Also, cool haircut.

  • I would like to see the 49ers beat the Giants because I’m mad at the Giants, but, while both teams have strong defenses, it sure seems that the Giants have the offensive edge.

  • I would also love, love, love to see the Ravens take out the Patriots, but does anyone honestly feel good taking Joe in a Flacco vs. Brady contest?
I'd feel more confident in you, Joe,  if I felt that you felt more confident.

  • Unfortunately, Tim Tebow’s out of the playoffs. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still talk about him constantly! Apparently, Tebow played much of the second half of the Patriots game with torn cartilage in his ribs, as well as a bruised lung, which cause fluid build-up. Poor Timmy! As someone who prays for the sweet relief of death if she stubs her toe, I find this level of pain tolerance quite impressive. (And it's nothing compared to Anquan Boldin!)
Don't hurt him! Don't you know that's Tim Tebow?!

  • Wow - how dysfunctional are the Jets? After a Week 17 meltdown and accusations of bad attitudes in the locker room, third-string quarterback Greg McElroy helpfully chimed in, saying the Jets had a “corrupt mindset,” while some unnamed players called Mark Sanchez “lazy,” and expressed a desire for a trade that would send Peyton Manning to New York. And you thought there were problems in your workplace...
"Yeah, well, I'm still a millionaire dating a supermodel."

  • The Chicago Bears also have a lot to sort out. They fired GM Jerry Angelo, but kept head coach Lovie Smith. Offensive coordinator Mike Martz walked away, and offensive line coach Mike Tice was promoted to run the offense. Now, it turns out, Tice has requested to interview for the Raiders’ head coaching vacancy. Yikes. The Bears will have to find a GM and potentially another offensive coordinator, and, since the Bears have already confirmed Lovie Smith’s return, it might be difficult to persuade candidates to join when they are not allowed to bring in their own staffs. 
And they'd have to have this turnover machine as QB.

  • This week was beyond terrible, but I still love the Packers!!!!! Go Niners. I guess.
It's ok, Aaron. Even the best have off days.

Here, have one of these to console yourself.

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