Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I Guess There's Still Football Going On. Eh.

  • Poor Ravens. They played better than the Patriots. It’s too bad that two bad mistakes by Lee Evans and Billy Cundiff undid a strong performance by Baltimore. Poor guys. Especially Cundiff. Poor, poor Billy.

Yep. That pretty much says it all.

  • When the announcers pointed out that the laces weren’t completely out, wasn’t everyone in the country thinking of Ace Ventura? The good people at YouTube kindly put together a little updated version of the clip:

  • Joe Flacco played a strong game. So the Ravens have that going for them, I guess.

Sorry, buddy, but it's real.

  • Is there a more hated man in New England than Bernard Pollard? Playing on three different teams, he was involved on each play in which Tom Brady, Wes Welker, and Rob Gronkowski all sustained serious injuries.
Yeah, that one hurt.

  • Like the AFC game, it seemed like the 49ers played better for the majority of the game, but two big mistakes late cost them the game. I feel even worse for Kyle Williams than for Billy Cundiff! Just the wrong time of the season to have a bad day.
Awww. I'll be your friend, Kyle!

  • I’m disturbed by the Giants’ frank and almost gleeful admission that they purposely went after Kyle Williams because of his history of concussions. I understand playing hard and hitting hard and all that, but I think there’s a problem with going into a game with the intention of taking an opponent out of the game.

  • Jay Cutler’s going to be a dad! Congrats! Kristin Cavallari’s going to have her hands full planning a wedding, taking care of a whiny, sulking crybaby, and now with an infant on the way! Zing!
"No! I won't take a nap! I hate nap time! It's stupid!"


The teenage years.

Jk, Jay! We're happy for you!

  • The hat Tim Tebow always wears is cute, and I think he looks good in it, but it seems to be permanently fused to his scalp of late. Is he going bald or something? He’s been wearing it everywhere he goes! Not that I’m stalking him or anything ...

  • It’s hard to know whom to cheer for in the Super Bowl. I hate the Patriots, because they’re the Patriots and everything about them is awful. But, I’m still mad at the Giants. And if Eli Manning wins another Super Bowl, we’ll all have to pretend he’s an “elite” quarterback. Yes, he’s improved greatly this season, but this is still Eli Manning we’re talking about. I don’t care how many Super Bowls he wins! If you were starting a team from scratch, aren’t there at least ten other quarterbacks you’d rather have than Eli? I’d take a neckless Peyton over him. I guess the best I’m hoping for is that Eli is pulled from the game due to injury or terribleness and the Giants’ defense shuts up smug New Englanders. That way both the Patriots and Eli lose.
Both teams are stinky and smelly.

  • But, really, who cares about the Super Bowl without the Green Bay Packers?
The Pro Bowl is now my Super Bowl.

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