Monday, January 20, 2014

Broncos vs. Seahawks: Yawn.

  • I'm already sick of talking about Richard Sherman and it's only Tuesday. I'm also sick of evaluating Peyton Manning's legacy/place in history/ranking compared to Tom Brady.

  • There isn't much to say about the Denver-New England game, as it was pretty boring. I know Denver's really good, and I know all of New England's players are either injured or in a jail cell, but sometimes it looked like the Patriots weren't even trying! There were definitely a few plays that could have benefited from some hustle.


  • Bill Belichick is apparently still angry at Wes Welker for daring to sign with another team after New England refused to sign him. On Monday, Belichick called Welker's hit on Patriots' cornerback Aqib Talib "one of the worst plays [he's] ever seen," (which seems just a touch dramatic) and said it "was a deliberate play by the receiver to take out Aqib." The hit sidelined Talib for the rest of the day, which was a big blow to the Patriots' defense, but I don't even think it was illegal. Here's the hit in question:

  • The Seattle-San Francisco game was depressing to anyone who's a fan of another NFC team. It sucks to think that the Packers will have to go through one or both of these teams for the next several years. There was a small comfort in watching Colin Kaepernick run wild against the Seahawks -- he had 130 rushing yards against one of the top defenses in the league. At least he doesn't do it just to Green Bay. =(

  • Here are some crazy Kaepernick rushing stats:
    • Of the top five rushing performances by a quarterback in NFL playoff history, Kaepernick holds three (Vick and McNabb are the other two).
    • Kaepernick is second to Steve Young  in all-time in postseason rushing yards by a quarterback.Young had 594 yards in 20 playoff starts; Kaepernick has 478 yards in six playoff starts.

  • On the play where Seattle fumbled and NaVarro Bowman got his knee hit at a disgusting angle, I just have one question: HOW IS THAT NOT REVIEWABLE? WHY WOULD YOU MAKE SUCH A STUPID RULE? (Seattle ended up fumbling a couple of plays later, but that still doesn't soothe my anger at arbitrary, game-changing rules.)

  • As for Richard Sherman, he is probably the best corner in the league, and he's also a huge jerkface. You just broke the Niners' hearts, and now you feel the need to shove it in their faces? That is not very nice.

This is Sherman giving a "choke" sign to an off-camera
Colin Kaepernick. He's just "competitive," y'all.

  • Sherman wrote in his Monday Morning Quarterback column that he was just trying to say "good game" to Michael Crabtree, but that's a really aggressive way to say "good game" to the player you just outplayed to win a trip to the Super Bowl.

  • That, of course, is nothing to Sherman's psycho interview with poor Erin Andrews, who handled it as well as possible. 


  • There was, predictably, a lot of backlash to Sherman's behavior, but then there was a backlash to the backlash because the people in this world have too much time and too much access to the internet. FYI, peeps, it's possible to entertaining and spontaneous and not cliched without being a huge #%*-@*^$. 

  • As much as I hate him, though, there's no denying Sherman's talent.

  • A San Francisco fan apparently got to Sherman's Wikipedia page soon after the game.

  • As every pothead football fan will point out this week, the two states that have legalized marijuana are the two that are sending representatives to the Super Bowl.


  • There wasn't really anything to cheer for this past weekend except for one thing: a great shot of Jim Harbaugh's $8 khakis. And I got it.

Aww, I miss Charles.

  • The Packers lost not only quarterbacks' coach Ben McAdoo (now the Giants' offensive coordinator -- congrats!), but they also lost outside linebackers' coach -- and third all-time sacks leader and one-time WWF wrestler -- Kevin Greene, who wants to spend more time with his family. Losing Greene is really too bad; you just can't replace that kind of crazy on the sidelines:

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