Monday, December 1, 2014

"We Were Lying."

  • After defeating the New England Patriots 26-21, Green Bay Packers safety Micah Hyde said to reporters, “I think we kind of told you guys earlier in the week it was just another game. We were lying. I bet you probably already knew that, but we were lying.”

  • It was a huge victory for the Packers, who are now tied with the Arizona Cardinals and the Philadelphia Eagles for the top seed in the NFC.

  • Jordy Nelson was an Over-the-Middle Ninja on his killer touchdown before the half. Nelson now has six touchdowns of 40+ yards this season, tops in the NFL.

  • The defensive played very well against a potent New England offense. Tramon Williams, Morgan Burnett, HaHa Clinton-Dix, and Sam Barrington all had great games for Green Bay. I don’t want to say it’s the only reason that the Packers defense looked good, but I think it helped that AJ Hawk played fewer than half the snaps on defense. While Hawk played in the base defense, Clay Matthews and Barrington were the inside linebackers in the nickel package.

  • While the Packers’ league-high streak of games with a takeaway was snapped, they did maintain their league-high streak of games with a sack, thanks to a crucial fourth-quarter sack by Neal Daniels (Mike Neal and Mike Daniels were each credited with a ½ sack).
"Not the face! Not the face!"

  • Losing Sam Shields to a concussion was unfortunate, but it’s nice that the Packers have such depth at cornerback. I’m a Davon House fan, but I cannot fathom why he is ahead of Casey Hayward in the depth chart. Hayward is so good -- all he does is intercept passes!

  • Rookie tight end Richard Rodgers scored his first NFL touchdown last week and followed it up with another one this week.

    • Rookie receiver Davante Adams had a horrible drop in the fourth quarter that would have been a sure touchdown, but otherwise played a very nice game, racking up 121 receiving yards.

    • Eddie Lacy started the game off strong for Green Bay. Even when Lacy temporarily went to the sidelines with an injury, third-string running back Dujuan Harris STILL didn’t get any carries! We might have to switch over from the  #ActivateTolzien campaign to #PlayDujuan.

    • Awww, poor little Darrelle Revis claimed that Jordy pushed off on the touchdown. First of all, no he didn’t, and second of all:

    • Green Bay head coach Mike McCarthy worries me frequently, but he deserves some major props for his game plan against the Pats. Besides the new AJ Hawk-less defensive looks, McCarthy put some unique looks on the field, including having both Nelson and Cobb in the slot, putting Cobb and Boykin in the backfield, using backup running back James Starks as a receiver. It put New England against lineups that they had never seen on film and created some matchup problems.

    • Green Eyes and Sideline Ninja are the first Packers receiving duo to have 10 touchdowns apiece in a season.
    So talented, so beautiful.

    • The offense looked pretty good, but were a disappointing 0-for-4 in the redzone. The Patriots are a good defense, particularly in the secondary, but that’s definitely something the Packers will need to improve on.

    • Though Tom Brady was his usual excellent self -- 22-for-35, 247 yards, two touchdowns, no interceptions -- it looks like it was still a rough day for him.

    • But he did calm down after he had his walk.

    • The Oakland Raiders, who won their first game of the season last week, turned back into pumpkins in a major way. Like, a 52-0 way. Sometimes you have these plays that you can only watch and sigh and think, “Only the Raiders.”

    • Tennessee Titans quarterback Zach Mettenberger was taken to task by Houston Texans superstar JJ Watt after being too active on social media prior to the teams’ last meeting. Mettenberger said before this week’s game that he had checked himself into “selfie rehab,” but apparently that wasn’t enough to escape being injured on a sack … he needed to be sent to JJ WATT REHAB
    (JK, Zach, hope you heal up fast!)

    • The Houston Texans are serious about Watt winning the MVP. They just put him on the field for his third offensive touchdown this season! That’s five TDs on the season for Watt, so more than Calvin Johnson, LeSean McCoy, Andre Johnson, Golden Tate, Anquan Boldin, Julian Edelman... 

    • As I mentioned a few weeks ago in reference to Julius Peppers, I love it when a defender forces the fumble and also recovers it. I love it even more when my future husband does it!

    • Green Bay GM Ted Thompson got a lot of grief for not trading for running back Marshawn Lynch. As phenomenal as he’s been with the Seattle Seahawks, he a) wasn’t that good when he was with the Buffalo Bills, and b) is crazy. Reportedly unhappy in Seattle, Lynch is now throwing out the rumor of considering retirement after this season (which he also did last season. After winning the Super Bowl).

    • Indianapolis Colts tight end Coby Fleener will probably want to exclude this play from his highlight reel.

    • The Jacksonville Jaguars won a second game! Yay! The fact that it came against Eli Manning and the New York Giants just makes it that much more enjoyable.

    • Johnny Football, blah, blah, blah, money sign, who cares.

    • Just-recently-benched Ryan Fitzpatrick was called into duty after quarterback Ryan Mallet suffered an injury last week. Fitz came back with a roar, passing for six touchdowns in an easy victory over the Tennessee Titans.

    • Some other things you should know about Fitzpatrick: he scored a 1580 on his SATs, graduated from Harvard, and is raising an adorable math whiz.

    • Colt McCoy had a Houdini move to escape three defenders and throw a touchdown. Maybe he can use that magic to escape from the Washington Redskins.


    • Injuries keep piling up for the Arizona Cardinals, who lost another three starters in the first half of their loss to the Atlanta Falcons. I’m seriously wondering how Arizona is able to field a team right now; it seems like they lose at least one key player every week.

    • DJ Fluker of the San Diego Chargers might want to work on not stripping the ball from his own teammate. The Ravens recovered this one.

    • I'm not one to ever have sympathy for the Dallas Cowboys, but maybe making a team play on Sunday night against a divisional opponent and then play on Thursday afternoon against another divisional opponent for the division lead is, oh, I don't know, a little unfair? But hey, three and a half days is plenty of time to recover from getting hit by monsters for three hours so that you can get hit by different monsters for another three hours, right?

    • Some wide receivers don’t really like to block. Some, like Mike Evans here, seem to really, really enjoy blocking.

    • The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were down one point and driving down the field. With 26 seconds left in the game, the Bucs threw a 21-yard completion to put them in field goal range … but they had 12 men on the field. Ouch. They lost the game because of that stupid penalty.

    • This is Minnesota Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater valiantly and vainly trying to draw the Carolina Panthers offsides on a 4th-and-1. As Teddy’s screaming himself hoarse, you can hear a Carolina Panther say, “I don't got time for that bull****. Come on, man, you gotta be smarter than that.”

    • The Kansas City Chiefs’ first quarter against the Denver Broncos was -- hmm, what’s the word? -- unproductive.

    • Here are the special jerseys Kyle and Corey Fuller’s parents wore when the Detroit Lions and the Chicago Bears met on Thanksgiving day.

    Aww, that's cute.

    • As for the brothers, they really embraced the family holiday spirit.

    • You know what I was wondering? What do you think San Francisco tight end Vernon Davis’ favorite Thanksgiving dish is?

    • There are many things to be thankful for this year. I am thankful for Jay Cutler. So is every opposing defensive back in the league.

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