Thursday, December 29, 2011

Drew Brees is 2nd-Place-Awesome, Sanchez is the Worse NY QB , and the Bears Still Suck

  • Aaron had a 142.7 passer rating on Sunday.

  • The Packers had no penalties, no turnovers, and allowed ZERO sacks! So impressive, especially since I think a lot of fans were bracing for a rough week for Rodgers. I don’t think this erases the concerns on the offensive line, but it’s really nice to see that patched-up group play so strongly.

  • Rodgers' passer rating this season on throws to Jordy Nelson entering the game was 156 and it was a perfect 158.3 Sunday night.
Well done, sirs.

  • Packers have beaten the Bears four times in 2011. Tee hee.
My only regret is they could only destroy Jay 3 of those times.

  • Dallas and NY Giants will be fighting for the last NFC playoff spot on Sunday. It all depends which Giants team shows up. I just can’t put money on the Cowboys. They’re so soft!
"I wish I could just play hockey... 3 periods, then hit the showers."

  • Speaking of soft, did you see Jermichael Finley get denied the endzone by a safety?! Chicago’s Major Wright (who is 5’11”, 204 lbs), stood Finley (who is 6’5”, 247 lbs) up at the 2-yard line. Finley did score on the next play, but come on, JMike!

  • Aww, yay for Drew Brees! He’s so awesome! Still not the MVP, though.
You picked a bad season to have MVP numbers.

  • Did the Jets actually think they could win when allowing Mark Sanchez to throw the ball 59 times? What exactly did they expect? Both quarterbacks in the game were terrible - Eli Manning went 9-for-27! Nine for twenty-seven!! It’s just hard to resist the anticipated schadenfreude I will feel next week if/when the New York Jets get KO'd.
"I'm going to keep talking smack even though you just embarrassed us."

  • Five defensive players from the two worst defensive teams - the Patriots and the Packers - were voted to the Pro Bowl. I’ll defend the Packer selections to the death, but … just saying.
"I will harvest your soul if you do not vote for every single Patriot."

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  1. Yes, but who will play on Sunday and how long? Will the Pack allow Detroit and Suey to win a game in order to rest players? Travesty! We must play to win no matter what the cost.