Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Jason Garrett is Stupid, But Not as Stupid as the Detroit Lions

  • Aaron Rodgers was named the NFC Offensive Player of the Month for an unprecedented fourth straight month, dating back to last season.
Hah! Mr. 90 thought he could stop Aaron!

  • What the heck, Washington!? You were up by 3 points with 8 minutes left in the 4th quarter and you end up losing by 15?? You are so terrible! How are you even allowed to play professional football?

  • Dan Orlovsky has a chance to become the only NFL player to go 0-16 not once, but twice in his career. You can do it, buddy. We’re all cheering for you.
I have faith in you, Dan. Just stay the course.

  • Another team got Tebowed! I’m fascinated by how he does this! As soon as the 4th quarter started, I think we all knew Denver was going to win.

  • Jermichael’s YOTTO (Year of the Take Over) celebration thing is really stupid. It looks like he’s trying to do the YMCA dance, but forgot how to spell YMCA.
"Y... Y... shoot! ...O?"

  • The 4-8 Cleveland Browns get to play Pittsburgh on Thursday night, right after playing Baltimore on Sunday.

  • Whoa, look out for Miami! After losing their first seven, they've won four of their last five!

  • Why are so many of the Giants’ players’ jerseys cut in to show off their armpit flesh?

  • I understand Mike McCarthy’s insistence on establishing the run, but in close games, I think you still have to play to your strengths and pass until you have a bit of breathing room.

  • Clay is a beast. A beast, I say!
You should probably just stay down, Eli.

  • What a terrible use of the challenge flag by Tom Coughlin. The first challenge was a good one - a potential scoring play that had a solid chance of being overturned. The second challenge on Donald Driver’s third-down conversion?? That was just a waste of a time-out.

  • Apparently, New York fans are saying the Packers' victory was rigged by the officials. The toughest call against them was Jake Ballard's non-touchdown. There's a picture that seems to show Ballard's knee down in-bounds, and that stinks for the Giants, but I watched that replay 20 times like everyone else and, from the video, it was just too hard to call, and too hard to overturn. People are also furious about Greg Jennings' touchdown catch. I think he had possession. It's an odd grip he has on the ball, but the ball is not moving. (And the Calvin Johnson rule only applies if the player is going to the ground.) The ball does not move until after Jennings has taken three steps and the defender knocks it out of his hands, but at that point, it's already a touchdown.

  • Former MLB pitcher Randy Johnson is now a sports photographer?? Kinda cool.

Y'know, just chatting with Larry Fitzgerald, taking some pics.

  • Jordy’s a sideline ninja! It always looks like there’s no way he caught that in bounds, but he always does! Sigh. This is incredible.

  • I’m still curious as to why Jason Garrett iced his own kicker. His explanation just doesn’t make sense. The Cowboys got to Arizona’s 31-yard line with 26 seconds left and, instead of using one of their two time-outs, ran the clock down to 8 seconds before spiking the ball to stop the clock. And then called a time-out with 6 seconds left, nullifying Dan Bailey’s successful field goal. I’m just confused. But, hey, I’ll take a Cowboys’ loss any way they want to give it.

  • The Cowboys’ botched management of the clock also led to this cool touchdown run by little LaRod Stephens-Howling. I like his face-plant celebration.

  • Tampa Bay coach Raheem Morris not only pulled his player after he committed a stupid personal foul penalty, but he sent him home. In the middle of the game. Maybe Jim Schwartz should take note.

  • Poor Matt Forte. I understand Chicago’s unwillingness to sign a running back to a big-money, long-term contract, but I also think it’s awful how they are totally willing to run Matt Forte into the ground and potentially ruin his chances at scoring a big contract with another team.
Sorry, Matt. I wished you played for a better team, too

  • Aaron Rodgers recorded his lowest passer rating of the year with a 106.2. He also threw his 5th interception of the season. You suck, Aaron!
"Under 110? Ugh. I should just go play for the Redskins."
  • A reporter asked Jordy Nelson, “Can you go undefeated?” Nelson responded, “If we win the rest of them, we can.” Hot AND has a wry sense of humor? Sigh.

  • Matthew Stafford has 408 yards, but the Lions only put up 17 points?!
I don't get how that's possible, either, Matt.

  • A couple of weeks ago, Washington cornerback DeAngelo Hall said he should be cut. I agreed with him wholeheartedly. But, apparently, he really, really wants to be cut. When Jets' RB Shonn Greene took the direct snap, Hall was guarding Jets’ QB Mark Sanchez, who was lined up as a receiver. Fine. But when Greene started to run for the endzone, look how Hall stands there and watches.

  • The Detroit Lions are embarrassing themselves. So many stupid personal foul penalties. More than once you saw Lions’ players chewing out teammates for idiotic penalties that destroyed any chance they had of competing with the Saints. Receiver Nate Burleson said,We have to get guys to understand you don’t have to show how tough you are on each play.”  Kyle Vanden Bosch recognized that teams are intentionally trying to bait the Lions, because everyone know that the Lions will hurt themselves if given the opportunity. I understand being emotional and all, but how hard is it to refrain from shoving a referee? Everyone is piling on Jim Schwartz, and rightly so. A team's discipline is a direct reflection of the coaching staff.


  1. A few comments: 1) NFC Offensive Player of the Month? Can it get more specific, why not name him the Green Bay Packers QB of the Week? It smacks a tad bit desperate. What I mean is why tout a non-accomplishment when Rodger has done plenty of better, greater feats.

    2) I can understand why the Bears are reluctant to fork over big bucks to Forte. Look at Chris Johnson. Granted he has started earning his pay the last few weeks, but the first half of the season he was non-existent.

    3) I agree with the stupid Thursday night game. The NFL is just trying to grab even more money then it already makes.

    4) Last but not least: Clay Mathews is hideous, or at least his hair is. (Same goes to Matt Stafford, though not to as great an extent.)

  2. 1) Um, it's a national award and it's a pretty big deal. In all of the NFC - QBs, RBs, WRs - there's one offensive player of the month, so I think that's pretty impressive.
    2) Understand the Bears, too, but you're not taking care of the one guy who has been the main reason for your success this season.
    4) Clay Matthews is ridiculously hot. Seriously. Just ask any female in America. So hot.

  3. Please never post a link to that SHAME! guy. Ever again.

  4. Ok, on second thought, he isn't the ugliest, the ugliest is the Cowboy's defensive coordinator. I don't know his name, but he looks like a homeless ragamuffin that walked in off the street. He drives me more nuts than Belichick for looking like a bum.