Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Grant Runs, Bears Pout, and Harrison Tries to Maim

  • The Buffalo Bills have not won in the United States since Week 5. 
  •  I do not know what to say about Tim Tebow. The game is more on Marion Barber than Tim Tebow, but still! I had to wonder if maybe Matt Forte was paying Barber to lose the game.
"Look on the bright side, buddy - maybe you'll get injured."

  • Jordy Nelson has scored a touchdown in every home game this season.

  • Is Tampa Bay ever going to win another game again?

  • Santana Moss must be on New England’s payroll. He very carefully gave the ball to Jerod Mayo to lose the game for Washington.

  • All you Ryan Grant haters can sit down! I told you he’s good if he’s given the opportunity to get into a rhythm. Sunday’s game was only the second game this year in which Ryan at least 10 carries.

  • Denver’s Matt Prater hit a 59-yard field goal to send the game into overtime! That’s nothing - he hit a 70-yarder in practice!

  • I feel bad that the Vikings were cheated out of an untimed down at the ½-yard line when the officials failed to see Detroit’s DeAndre Levy try to decapitate Joe Webb.

  • Atlanta is 20-2 against teams with losing records under Mike Smith. You may shrug and say that a good team’s supposed to beat bad teams, but not many teams take care of business that consistently.

  • I find it hard to be mad at David Stern’s Big Brother move because I love, love Chris Paul and would have had to shun him Amish-style if he had signed with the Lakers.
Please don't go to evil LA, CP3!

  • The Houston Texans made the playoffs for the first time in playoff history! It’s nice that T.J. Yates’ parents got to be there and see it all! ...Well, at least they got to be there.

  • Arizona’s penchant for playing spoiler has given the Pack a bit of breathing room on their way to wrapping up home field through the playoffs.

  • It’s nice to see the Giants’ Jason Pierre-Paul terrorizing someone else. I like him - as long as he’s not playing the Packers.

  • The Packers’ receivers are excellent, but not having the team’s best receiver in the lineup will still hurt. It’s time for Jermichael Finley to close his mouth and start catching passes.
You want $$? Start catching passes from the league's best QB.

  • How nervous does the Marshall Newhouse-Derek Sherrod rotation make Packers’ fans?? And is the ghost of Chad Clifton any better, if Clifton does return this season?

  • Finally! The NFL suspended James Harrison. It was absolutely the right call. Harrison makes millions and millions of dollars a year and has proven that financial deterrents will not make him play legally.  He had an open field shot at Colt McCoy. He had plenty of time to aim for a legal part of McCoy’s body, plenty of time to turn to lead with his shoulder. But he clearly and intentionally led with his helmet. Harrison, for his part, says the hit should not even warrant a fine.  Harrison claims that McCoy ducked his head at the last second, causing the helmet-to-helmet collision, but the video obviously shows that Harrison is a liar.

  • And now for the Browns: What the @*$% were you thinking! Your quarterback gets drilled by Harrison and lies on the ground, dazed, while medical personnel attend to him. So you take him to the sideline and check out his … hand??? The Browns reportedly never administered a concussion test before sending McCoy back into the game a couple of plays later. The Browns defended themselves saying McCoy didn’t complain about the hard hit. So?? You just saw him lying prone on the field! How do you not check for a head injury! I’m glad that McCoy’s father has publicly criticized the Browns for their totally inexcusable neglect.

  • I’m  a pretty big football fan, but it never even crossed my mind to watch MNF with the Seahawks and Rams. I still do not know who won.

  • The Oakland Raiders are clear about the rules of the game, right? Especially the ones about how you can’t cross the line of scrimmage before the play starts? Given the pre-snap penalties they were racking up, I just thought I’d check.
"Soooo, I can go...now??"

  • The Packers have set the team record for points scored - and there’s still three more games to play!

  • Poor, poor, poor little Dan Bailey. When the Giants called a timeout just before Bailey’s kick went through the uprights, you know the Cowboys’ rookie kicker must have been replaying last week’s debacle over and over in his head.
Awww, they're all having fun without him.

  • Detroit’s Cliff Avril’s penalty didn’t matter since the Lions still won the game, but how - HOW?? - do you jump offsides when the other team is without timeouts and trying to spike the ball to stop the clock??

  • 19 different Packers have scored touchdowns. Cathy and I can name all 19 for you, if you’d like.

  • Is Chicago done? They’ve lost their last three games and are 7-6. They have an easier schedule than Detroit, but I think the Giants will beat them out for the last wild card slot.

  • Also, in other news, the Chicago Bears were huge sore losers after their loss to Tim Tebow and the Broncos.  Steve Young said it best when he advised the Bears, “He Tebowed you. Just take it like a man and walk away.”

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  1. Sorry to rain on everyone's parade but this is the week the streak ends. I know it is KC. You did not even write about them. No respect. Overlook. Watch out. They have a new cube out there and they will light up the pack secondary and Finley will drop 5 passes and Grant will fumble and Aaron will get hit and injured and the wheels will come off. I told you so, so remember this post!