Tuesday, December 17, 2013

HAHAHAHAHAHA Take That, Cowboys!

  • Wow. Wow. I love a Packers victory, of course, but a record-setting comeback behind our fourth quarterback of the year is even cooler. A record-setting comeback behind our fourth quarterback of the year against the collapsing Dallas Cowboys?? That’s almost too much happiness for one girl.

  • Everyone knows how much I love the Packers winning, and I really can’t explain how much I enjoy the Cowboys losing, so this is a really special day for me. Thank you. Thank you, everyone.

  • Things did, however, look pretty dire at halftime. I was calling for Scott Tolzien after Matt Flynn stood still for an entire half, but he came to play in the second half. Matty Nice was 16-of-22 for four touchdowns and no interceptions in the second half. Well done!
I'm sorry for that time I said you had no business
being a starting quarterback. I was angry.

  • Now, Romo did throw two game-losing interceptions late in the game (his receiver took the blame for one), but I still think it’s funny how Romo bears the sole responsibility of everything that goes wrong on that team. Dallas Cowboy fans have, no surprise, no loyalty, and call for Romo’s job after every loss (and some wins). I’m not sure they get that starting-caliber quarterbacks aren’t just walking around on the streets. Cowboys fans are, no surprise, not the most football-savvy of fans.

"Come on! We need a home run!"

  • How badass is Jordy, huh? His touchdown catch was one of the worst-thrown balls ever (it practically hit the defender in the numbers!), but Jordy didn’t care - he just ripped it out of the defenders’ hands.
The Best GIFs Of NFL Week 15: Don't Call It A Comeback

  • The touchdown was cool, but what about that crazy one-handed, left-handed, drive-saving, third-down catch??

  • Speaking of badasses, Tramon’s interception was a beauty. I was okay with his first interception being overturned, but I still think an argument could be made that he had possession of the ball before it hit the ground. (It can still be an interception even if it touches the ground). Considering that the Packers could have easily been called for blatant holding on that play, I can accept that they didn’t get the call, I guess.
Look how amazing that grab is!!

  • I particularly love it when Tramon makes a great play because then the cameras always show him on the sideline, smiling in slow-mo.

There's that dreamy smile.

  • The refs were not my favorite. They very nearly cost the Packers the game with a terrible call. Not only did they miss the false start on the Cowboys, but they called a penalty on the Packers defense for reacting to the false start! The Cowboys got a fresh set of downs instead of a 3rd-and-10 deep in their own territory.

  • While I love making fun of Tony Romo, I’m actually a big Romo apologist. I know he has a penchant for very bad timing on his errors, but he also does not get a lot of help. He’s has the league’s worst defense, a weak running game, and Jason Witten. That's it. Dez Bryant is amazing, but he doesn’t always show up for games. (Or stick around, as evidenced by his leaving the field with more than a minute left in the game. Apparently, he wanted to give an early Christmas present to sportswriters across America -- see below.) Also, for all the Romo-in-December talk, he has been pretty darn good. Before Sunday’s game, he’s thrown 18 interceptions and one interception in the last four Decembers. Also, guess who leads the league in passer rating in December over the last four years??

That''s right. THIS guy!

  • The conversation always starts with “Romo is 13-21 in December…” Well, the Dallas Cowboys are 13-21 in December. And, just as last week the Cowboys defense allowed a score on every single drive except the last, which was just kneeldowns, the defense allowed the Packers to score on every single possession of the second half except the last, which was just kneeldowns.

  • Now, while I’m often a Tony Romo apologist, nothing is actually more fun than making fun of Tony Romo. A lot of the joy comes from the fact that Cowboys fans never try to defend him, even though there’s ample argument (see above) to do so. Sometimes I’ll infiltrate a group of Cowboys fans, light the match that is the Tony-Romo-needs-to-go narrative and just walk away.

  • So Dez Bryant walked off the field before the game was over, which just isn't cool. When the Cowboys beat a team, that team has enough respect to stick around till the end, even though it's absolutely no fun watching a team take kneeldowns on you. After the game, Bryant explained it was because he was crying and didn't want to show his emotions on the sidelines. That's funny because he had no qualms about showing his emotion on the field earlier in the game when a call went against Dallas.

The Best GIFs Of NFL Week 15: Don't Call It A Comeback

  • As good as the Packers’ second half was, their first half was equally bad. It felt like the Thanksgiving game all over again, where I couldn’t decide if the defense or the offense was worse. I have a lot of horrible things to say about both offense and defense, but since they won, I’ll keep it to myself.

  • In a vacuum, I don’t mind the Cowboys’ decision to throw the ball on the last two drives, but they were playing the Packers. Yes, Green Bay’s pass coverage has been terrible, but so has their run defense. DeMarco Murray was killing the Packers early in the game until Dallas stopped giving him the ball. THEY AVERAGED MORE YARDS PER RUSH THAN YARDS PER PASS IN THE GAME. Why do you stop running?? They rushed just 18 times (7.4 yards per carry) while attempting 49 passes (6.9 yards per pass).

"Look, I have no idea what's going on most days."

  • Eddie Lacy had 141 yards, which put him over the 1,000 mark for the season, and his 60-yard run early in the second half is what sparked the comeback. Man, Green Bay’s really getting their money’s worth out of him.

  • There’s been a lot of criticism of the refs over the past several weeks, and I was glad to hear Troy Aikman, who was calling the game, piling on the refs when Mike McCarthy was forced to take a timeout to ensure the Tramon Williams interception -- which was originally ruled an incompletion before being overturned -- was reviewed. McCarthy was given his timeout back, but Dallas very nearly got the next play off before the officials stopped play. Williams said he refused to give the ball to the official after the play because there didn’t seem to be a review.

  • On his first drive back after missing four games due to injury, Jay Cutler threw an interception in the endzone. A few drives later, he threw another interception, which was returned for a touchdown. Oh, how I’ve missed you, Jay!

Don't ever leave me again.

  • The past four weeks with Josh McCown at quarterback, the Bears have had one interception. 21 minutes into Sunday's game, they had two.
Brandon Marshall, sporting a Cutler shirt, apparently
missed him, too.

A lot.

  • See, what did I tell you? Let Matt Cassel play and the Vikings might have a chance. Cassel has been behind center for three of the Vikings' four wins.

  • Vernon Davis steals the show in this clip by nearly knocking himself unconscious at the end, but look how effortlessly Colin Kaepernick throws this 60-yard pass. Unbelievable!


  • Washington had SEVEN turnovers! And they still only lost by one! Down seven, they scored a touchdown and stunned by deciding to go for the two-point conversion. I like the boldness of the play-to-win call, but you can’t pass up the chance for overtime when you’ve played evenly with the opponent.

"WTF do I care? I'm out of here."

  • Jamaal Charles had eight catches for 195 yards and four receiving TDs, which is pretty impressive in itself, but the fact is he’s a running back, not a receiver. Oh, he added a rushing touchdown, too.

  • Eliiiii! (The five I’s are for the five interceptions he threw on Sunday.)


  • It must be something in the water in New York … Eli Manning and the Jets’ Geno Smith are number one and two, respectively, in interceptions this season. Take a bow, gentlemen.

  • It's getting to the point where I'm going to have to criticize Chicago receiver Alshon Jeffery if he doesn't make at least one catch like this per week.

alshon jeffery gif

  • The Cleveland Browns have scored three rushing touchdowns all season.

  • This poor Bengals punter had his jaw broken and suffered a serious neck injury on this crushing block.

  • Peyton Manning won some Sportsman of the Year award or something, but the real story is what people keep on doing to his Wikipedia entry.

  • When you're the holder for the kicker, shouldn't your eyes be glued on the snapper??

  • WHOA. This defender went airborne when he tried to deny Atlanta running back Steven Jackson the endzone.

  • OOOOOHHHH MY GOSH!!!!! Baltimore kicker Justin Tucker kicked a 61-yard, game-winning field goal!!! He had never even attempted a field goal that long before in his career!! It BARELY squeaked by the upright. Wooooo hoooooo!!!!! 

  • Tucker scored every single one of Baltimore's points, going 6-for-6 on the night. He's hit 33 straight field goals. And he speaks five languages. 
That gawky, skinny white guy is pretty much
my favorite player right now.

  • The Detroit loss is huge for Green Bay. If the Packers win both of their remaining games, they'll make the playoffs! That's the number one reason the Lions losing was so awesome, but this Jim Schwartz face is a very, very close second.


  • I really, really, really pray that Aaron Rodgers will be ready by next week. No offense to Matt Flynn. 

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