Monday, November 17, 2014

Home, Sweet Lambeau


  • For anyone who doesn't watch football and therefore doesn't know why I call Jordy Nelson the Sideline Ninja, here's a chart.

These numbers are from weeks ago. Jordy's even better than that.

  • So it was yet another blowout for the Green Bay Packers. I try not to overpanic when the Packers lose or look sloppy, and I also try not to get too excited when they’re rolling, but holy cow does the offense look good these days.

  • Get out of Eddie Lacy’s way!

  • In the last four games at Lambeau, the Packers have outscored their opponents 128-9 in the first half. In case you don’t understand, that’s TRIPLE DIGITS to SINGLE DIGITS.

  • Davante Adams’ Lambeau Leap was incredible! He didn’t use his hands! This might have been the most athletic move of the day! He may give Jordy a run for his money as best Lambeau Leaper.

  • The weakest part of the Packers' game was the point after touchdowns. One was blocked (that never happens!) and the snap was fumbled on another. When’s the last time an NFL team missed two extra points in one game?

  • The rest of special teams did well. Micah Hyde had an amazing punt return for a touchdown. I was thinking that it seems like forever since Green Bay had a punt return, and it turns out that the last time was over a year ago … by Micah Hyde!

  • Once again, Clay Matthews looked great playing the majority of his snaps on the inside. Once again, I’m going to reserve judgment on this shift until the Packers play a quarterback that isn’t named Cutler or Sanchez. (Or Bridgewater. We can rule that out right away, too.) The defense has been playing well, but it’s easy to play well when you’re up 30. It’s hard to gauge if the defense really has improved significantly until they play from behind or in a close game.

  • I think Clay Matthews moving inside is like when you break a finger and the doctor wraps it up with the finger next to it so the unbroken finger can hold up and support the broken finger and the broken finger won’t have to really do any work. AJ Hawk is the broken finger.

This is more about avoiding having to rely on Hawk for big plays.

  • In case you haven’t noticed that Green Bay has been really good at home, ESPN Stats compiled some numbers to prove how good.
  • From the above link: “This season is eerily reminiscent of Rodgers’ 2011 MVP season. Through 10 games that season, Rodgers averaged 317 yards per game and had a touchdown-interception ratio of 31-4. Rodgers is averaging 275 yards per game this season through 10 games and boasts a touchdown-interception ratio of 28-3.” How is that eerie? How is that “reminiscent” beyond the fact that both sets of numbers are good?

  • Linebacker/freak Julius Peppers now has two interceptions returned for a touchdown this season. And this time around, he was prepared for his Lambeau Leap.

  • Rodgers now holds the NFL record for most passes without an interception at home.

  • Speaking of interceptions, here’s a GIF of Jay Cutler underthrowing a ball into double coverage, then half-heartedly going for the tackle and getting put on his backside. 

  • The clocks at Soldier Field were on the fritz for much of the fourth quarter of the Chicago Bears-Minnesota Vikings game, which led to the refs having to announce the to announce the time periodically. Minnesota head coach Mike Zimmer was not happy, calling the situation “********,” and quarterback Teddy Bridgewater said that he wasn’t “fully aware” of the time left on the clock when he threw the game-ending interception. The official game log reflected the confusion, as the Vikings managed to gain 42 yards without burning a second, but a touchback took 1:16.

Maybe the clock manager just felt bad for the Bears?

  • Jay Cutler had an attitude on Sunday? You don’t say! 

  • Finally the Detroit Lions lost! The league-best Arizona Cardinals, behind backup quarterback Drew Stanton and their fierce defense, held the typically explosive Lions without a touchdown. The Packers and Lions are now tied, but the Lions have the tiebreaker.

  • It’s not just the players who get all the glory and fanfare.
There should be a fan club devoted to Hochuli's biceps.

  • The Atlanta Falcons lead the NFC South with a 4-6 record. Their four wins? All came against NFC South opponents. Oy.

  • Here’s the Oakland Raiders' first snap of their game against the San Diego Chargers. The first snap.

  • The San Francisco 49ers intercepted New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning FIVE times, yet only managed a meager 16 points! When your defense does that much work, you owe them some points.
Here are all five, complete with corresponding Manning Faces.

  • San Fran linebacker Aldon Smith returned to the field after a nine-week suspension for various legal issues. Most of the team was happy to have their defensive star back, but fellow linebacker Ahmad Brooks was apparently miffed by having to split playing time with Smith, and reportedly refused to play in the second half. I guess he missed the day in kindergarten where they learned about sharing.

  • When Eli’s your quarterback, it’s understandable you want to sneak every extra yard, though maybe you should try harder at the “sneaky” part.

  • Kinda cool that a third-string running back who barely made the team roster lit up the field in primetime, as Jonas Gray of the New England Patriots did on Sunday night. Gray ran for 199 yards and four touchdowns against the Indianapolis Colts.

  • St. Louis Rams quarterback Shaun Hill’s pass deflected off a defender’s hands, then off a Rams’ offensive lineman’s helmet, then back into Hill’s hands.

  • This is San Diego Chargers running back Brandon Oliver standing -- yes, standing -- next to teammate King Dunlap.

  • Ouch! This is a really mean commercial that has been running in San Diego about the Oakland Raiders.

  • Matthew Stafford became the fastest quarterback to reach 20,000 passing yards.

  • Normally “breaking someone’s ankles” is just and expression, but I’m seriously worried about #21 on the Buffalo Bills. I think he should def get x-rays after what Miami Dolphins running back Lamar Miller did to him.

  • In was 20 degrees in Kansas City on Sunday, but that didn’t stop Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch from staying on the field for all of halftime instead of going to the locker room with the rest of his team. Why? Pete Carroll originally said it was because Lynch "thought it would be better for him to stay out," while Lynch left without talking to reporters post-game. Now Lynch and Carroll seem to be on the same page, both pretending that it was because Lynch was "fatigued." I'm sure everything's just fine there.

  • When your quarterback is making his first start with your team, you might want to put your star defensive end on the field with him, as the Houston Texans did with Ryan Mallett and JJ Watt. Watt caught a touchdown, natch -- his fifth of the season. His fifth. He’s a defensive end. He also had a strip sack, a fumble recovery, and three tackles for losses, because JJ WATT CAN DO ANYTHING.

  • Since the Packers play the 4-6 Minnesota Vikings next week, I must say once again, #ACTIVATETOLZIEN!!!
"Hmm, Coach. Is that Matt Flynn's 18th or 19th incompletion of the game?"

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