Friday, September 23, 2011

Acknowledgment that other teams besides the Packers exist, and other thoughts

  • Wow! That Tony Romo is one tough son of a gun! ...still don’t want him running my 4th quarter offense.

  • Note to Dunta Robinson: next time you’re trying to maim or kill an opposing receiver, at least put your arms out in front of you so it kinda sorta actually looks like you were going for a tackle or some other football-related play. (But don’t worry, Goodell was totally just messing with all you players when he threatened suspensions.)

  • Through the first 2 weeks, I thought Ryan Fitzpatrick’s full name was actually Ryan Fitzpatrick-he-went-to-Harvard and they had just shortened it to fit on the back of his jersey. Apparently not. But in all seriousness, Ryan Fitzpatrick went to Harvard.

  • The DVD cover of Rob Reiner’s latest film Flipped says “From the director of The Bucket List and Stand By Me.” Do you really want to use The Bucket List? You sure? You don’t want to use The Princess Bride or When Harry Met Sally or A Few Good Men or This is Spinal Tap or any other film besides The Bucket List??

  • By this time, Jim Mora has requested all his announcing duties be transferred to whatever city Cam Newton is playing in. If denied, he’s planning on joining the groupies waiting outside the locker room at Bank of America stadium.

  • If you were the Colts, would you let your franchise quarterback and superstar (and, apparently, the only decent football player on your team) go to Europe for “not approved in the US” treatments? Is there anything that sounds sketchier than “not approved in the US” medical treatments? Maybe he’ll grow a third arm that can compete with Kerry Collins and Curtis Painter for back-up QB.


  1. First, there are no other teams beyond the packers, except maybe the raiders since i liked them when i was young. Next, Minnesota beats Detroit this week -- you heard it here.

  2. No way in hell Detroit loses. The Lions WILL make the playoffs! a wild card, for we all know who is going to win the division (Yes, the Pack Attack.)