Sunday, September 25, 2011

This Just In: The Bears Still Suck

3-0 sounds darn good, but we had to suffer through a pretty painful game at Soldier Field to get it.

It wasn’t all bad. We beat a division opponent on the road. Even better, we beat the Bears.

Jermichael Finley had an impressive game, claiming the only three touchdowns on the Packers’ side.

Morgan Burnett had two interceptions – not too shabby.

Ryan Grant kicked some ass, running for 92 yards. I think he’s proven himself by this time. I mean, seriously. LOOK AT THAT DETERMINATION TO GET INTO THE RED ZONE!

Bryan Bulaga got injured, and it didn’t look good. Marshall Newhouse did well in his stead, however.

Greg Jennings, as usual, was a Football Ninja with a series of stunning catches (9), especially in the first half. He looked like this:

Did anyone else notice the love affair that the camera man had with Greg Jennings in the 4th quarter? We literally got to see a good 20 seconds of him smiling on the sidelines. Not that I was complaining. I did have to put on my sunglasses about fourteen seconds in though.

Obligatory Cutler-bash:
Cutler has been sacked 14 times so far this season (the most in the NFL, obviously). He threw six straight incomplete passes at the start of the second quarter. He also has a stupid face:

But here’s the thing: the Packers always have to make it exciting. They can’t just let their fans feel safe, even when they are leading the score the entire game. I’m not sure why this happens – it’s like they get complacent and decide to just throw a couple interceptions to get everyone sweating.

I mean….okay, we got that fabulous interception in the 4th quarter and then immediately fumbled it and gave it back to the Bears. Which led to a Bears touchdown.

Ugh, and Aaron Rodgers’ first interception of the season to Urlacher.

I also saw quite a bit of that feisty rivalry on the field between the two teams. Jarrett Bush was upset about an uncalled penalty, and I was frustrated for him too.

Sam Shields and Devin Hester got into it a little, too. Actually, a lot. I could hear the Bears fans booing when only Hester got the penalty, but the refs were right on, and not just because I am a Packer fan. Shields and Hester were both pissed off and shoving each other around. But here’s where Hester went too far: Shields did the normal shoulder shoving thing, but Hester TWICE deliberately struck Shields in the face across the helmet. And one of those times he had to reach over the ref to do it. He absolutely deserved the penalty.

Speaking of penalties, there were approximately 7,429 penalties every 5.2 seconds. How many times do you have to false start in one half-hour?

Also…the beautiful trick return at the end of the game. So tricky, no one saw what happened. Is it too much to ask for a replay from a different camera?! Wow. Sucks to be the phantom Bears player who was called for holding on that play. I bet the post-game locker atmosphere was awkward.


  1. Cutler does have a stupid face. I find it hard to respect a man with no chin.

  2. To think these guys were world champs as recently as 1985!

    Oh wait. That was TWENTY-SIX years ago!!!

    It is always satisfying beating them. I urge all Packer fans to listen to 670 the Score after a Packer loss. Those guys just RIP the heck out of the Bears when they lose. They actually are pretty hard on them when they win, but after a loss it is hilarious. There are these two angry old men, former players, that just hate Jerry Angelo and Lovey (what kind of name is that anyway) Smith (last name compensates with anonymity). It is great stuff.

    Does anyone fear Denver at home?

  3. Urlacher is the man, there's no denying that.

    Second of all, I agree about that penalty that voided the punt-return: nobody knew what was happening, all the Packers were running at Hester and Knox sprints up the sideline free as can be. What a beautiful play ruined by who knows what, they never showed the penalty in the replay (nor for that matter did they really give a good replay of the kickoff).

    Well, in short, surprisingly even-handed account of a Bears-Packers game given that it's written by a Packers fan.

  4. Tommy, if you're looking for the hold, it's on the guy nearest to Hester - they called it on #21, but I think it's actually #35. He's holding Jarrett Bush around the 20-yard line. It *is* a hold, but it's about 30 yards away from the ball and had no bearing on the play, which sucks for the Bears, as it was one of the coolest play calls I've ever seen. In the same breath, however, what kind of idiot moron commits an obvious hold when he KNOWS the ball's nowhere near him!?!?

  5. Hmm. Apparently I was wrong about who held (though I still maintain #35 could have been called for a hold as well). This article breaks it down and shows pictures of exactly where the hold took place: