Friday, October 7, 2011

The Packers: A Very Thoughtful Commentary

I think it's time to bust out this video again. We need to see more of THIS on the field this Sunday:

I think we should all also take a moment to remember the classic Raji dance, which has been emulated in world-famous dance studios across the country:

And some Packers trying and failing to imitate him:

I think it's also worth taking note of these two serious fans who caught the original TD on tape:

I was also thinking today about how much I dislike Brett Favre. I hope you all haven't forgotten this video?? (Sorry, it wouldn't let me embed it. But trust me. You'll want to click that link.)

Anyways, I was also thinking today about the most important 5 seconds of the latest Sound FX video. Let's take a look at a professional video still:

And finally, an adorable moment between GJ and DD last week is eclipsed by the sheer size of Greg's right bicep:

 In conclusion, the Packers are the greatest of all time!

...Also, Jay Cutler sucks.


  1. Technically, the arrow in the Jennings picture is pointing to his deltoid. But I feel ya

  2. ...and, technically, it's his left deltoid. but the adorableness of the pic is enough to distract anyone from the anatomical facts.

  3. Yeah. I always have problems with lefts and rights.