Monday, October 24, 2011

I May Or May Not Have Had Too Much Fun With Photoshop

Oh, I didn't make the above picture. Trust me, I'll take credit when I make something.

So, the Packers are now 7-0, not to brag or anything. Just casually stating it, you know.

Okay, so not all of the game was awesome, but watching the offense was sort of like watching my cat play with a mouse for 3 and a half hours before she kills it. It was kind of awesome. Defense was a little trickier, but then again, Adrian Peterson. And our defense had some fab plays (hello, Charles Woodson).

Speaking of Charles Woodson, he kicked some super butt yesterday. It was very impressive. I was also impressed when he bowed like a true 18th century gentleman after one of his interceptions.

 But seriously, it made me wish he was bowing over my hand and telling me that he intercepted the ball just for me, and would I allow him to escort me to the ball in a fortnight?

(Yes, THIS I photoshopped.)
And of course I would accept. I mean, look at this:


They were all happily punching him in a circle! What a darling bunch of boys.

And Greg Jennings was all like, "I'm the man."

Talk to the hand.

Most adorable man in the universe? (Answer: yes)

Clay Matthews was all like, "I am a heat-seeking missile":

Targeted, and eliminated.
I have to say, I was impressed with Christian Ponder. Not only was he pretty good out there for a rookie, but he seemed like a classy dude.

Mason Crosby kicked a 58-yard field goal, too! He seemed pretty happy about that.

Aww. I would be too.

Kuhn should get a mention for his badass-ery as well. Wow.

Aww, how cute. He's roaring.
Of course, I like the scuffles in the game (such drama), so I need to mention the whole Robison/Lang thing. Let's take a look:

That sure looks like an accident to me.

Just kidding. It doesn't. I found this article hilarious:

"It's bad enough that he drove his cleated foot into the nether regions of T.J. Lang. Perhaps more concerning, though, are his comments afterwards. 'It happened. There's nothing I can do about it. It's something that if I could go back, I wouldn't have done it. There's nothing I could do about it now. There was a penalty, and hopefully it won't happen in the future.' Hopefully? You don't have to hope on this one, man. You can just stop kicking people in the ding-ding. It's not like you have some rare form of junk-kicking Tourette's, and you have to hope it doesn't just show up at an inopportune time."

Tee-hee. So true.

And I mean, LOOK at Robison.

He totally looks like some sort of French aristocrat. Or French revolutionary.

Liberté! Egalité! Kicking people in the junk!
(Just kidding, I love the French.)

Oh, and can we please talk about Aaron Rodgers' press conference hair? Aaron, it's NOT cute when you comb your hair down over your forehead. As Marisa would say, you look like Julius Caesar.

Dork police!

You look SO much better when you do this:

Oh heyyyyyy there
And finally:

Oh by the way, GJ's hand is okay. PHEW.

Bye week coming up now. Lame. Packers party at my place! Dress up as your favorite NFL player to hate.


  1. HA! That is some Photoshop wizardry! LOVE LOVE LOVE. I'm so glad you two are doing this blog!

  2. BRILLIANT photo shop work. Love the Woodson pic. By the way, anyone remember the pose he struck while in college after scoring a TD? Would have been great to have a Guillotine in the back ground of Robinson pic chopping off a head -- no not THAT head, a regular head on the shoulders. That guy is quite punk.

    Cheesehead on the aristocratic girl is really well done -- unless they wore them in those days?