Monday, October 17, 2011

Jim Harbaugh Apologizes for Having Strong, Manly Hands, and Other News

  • My mom was in the Detroit airport during the game, where they had the Packers-Rams game on in one terminal and the Steelers-Jaguars on in another ... but not the highly-anticipated, evenly-matched Lions-Niners game??
  • How bout that Rex Grossman-Kurt Coleman connection? Now if only they were on the same team... Coleman's three interceptions helped to contribute to Grossman's passer rating of (eek!) 23.7.
"Thanks, Rex!"
  • Why is Denver trying to trade their best offensive player? Hellooo, Mr. Luck.
  • So how embarrassing was it to see Jim Harbaugh and Jim Schwartz fighting at the end of the game? Sure, maybe Harbaugh was being a jerk with his smug, over-the-top postgame handshake - or maybe he was just really excited - either way, what was Schwartz thinking?? If it upset you that much, call him out to the media. Don't chase after him like a child fighting with his brother. And then, Jim S., you apologize in your postgame interview - you don't have to mean it, just do it. Because, if you refuse to throw out the standard "I let my emotions get the best of me" vague apology, you just come off as petulant as most of us already suspect you are. Instead, Schwartz bellyached about breached "protocol" - which is kinda funny coming from a guy who has a history of taunting opposing players and swearing at the refs. Also, this is the guy who was just mocking Jim Harbaugh from across the field when Harbaugh was penalized for challenging an unchallangeable play. Either way, J-Harb is the clear winner of this fight because, not only did he win the game, he also pretended to take the high road by saying, "It's on me. I shook his hand too hard," while really calling Schwartz a little girl for crying over a handshake.
"My hands are soft and delicate!"
  •  There's a guy on St. Louis whose name is Michael Hoomanawanui. He's from Illinois.
  • Jay Cutler has put together back-to-back games where he's looked like the QB Chicago always hoped he would be. Isn't it nice when the offensive coordinator decides to give a crap about his quarterback? Cutler was poised, accurate, timely - basically, he was the antithesis of Jay Cutler.   
Gratuitous, I know. I just couldn't help myself.
  • When Tom Brady got the ball back with 2:31 left in the game, down 16-13, did anyone think there was a chance he wouldn't score a touchdown? I was kinda cheering for Dallas (that's how much I hate New England), but gave up all hope when Dallas had to punt. Golden Boy and his evil overlord are now 116-33 in their career together. Wow.
  • Oakland's emergency quarterback is their punter! And he threw for a touchdown on a fake punt play! I just find that really cool.
  • I really like the shirt back-up (starting?) Redskins' quarterback John Beck wore for his postgame interview:
  •  Now, I would never wish ill on Aaron Rodgers. Or Matt Flynn, for that matter. Especially not Aaron - I love him to death. But, if they were both to be injured in a game, the Packers' emergency quarterback would be Jordy Nelson. I wonder if he would look as sexy throwing the ball as he does catching it. I'm betting yes.


    1. this post is clearly from a woman. no criticism, just saying

    2. what gave it away? the drooling over attractive football players? or the header on our profile? ;)