Saturday, October 29, 2011

Skip Bayless is a Moron of Epic Proportions

Remember when A.J. Hawk flipped the bird to his sidelines during the St. Louis game? We all knew a fine was coming - and deserved - but over at ESPN, totally impartial and sensible commenter Skip Bayless called for a 1 game suspension of Hawk. Okay, Skip buddy. You want a 1 game suspension for Hawk, but no discipline for Jim Schwartz and Jim Harbaugh?? Riiiiiight. That makes sense.

Anyway, seeing Skip talk nonsense reminded me how utterly stupid this man is, particularly in his rabid hatred for Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.

Now, I can’t say what I really feel about Skip because my mom reads this blog, so I’ll have to just show you his mind-numbing ignorance and partiality through some videos I’ve been stewing over.  

For those of you who don’t know, Skip was, is, and always has been madly in love Brett Favre. When Green Bay had finally had it up to here with Favre and politely declined to let him come back, Skip Bayless declared that Ted Thompson “running Brett Favre out of Green Bay” was the “biggest mistake by a GM in the history of the league.” Now, let’s remember that emotions were running high in 2008 and Rodgers hadn’t proven himself yet, so maybe Skip’s isn’t all that stupid. But wait. Here’s the thing - Skip stands by his statement today. Skip still thinks that Thompson should have let Brett come back, even after all wait-maybe-I-do-still-want-to-play-right-after-my-team-just-picked-two-quarterbacks-in-the-draft drama. After Brett publicly called Thompson and McCarthy liars. Even after Aaron Rodgers has won the Super Bowl, the Super Bowl MVP, and been nearly flawless through seven games this season. That's Skip Bayless.

Let’s start here. Aaron Rodgers made fun of Mark Sanchez’s ridiculous GQ spread, calling it “embarrassing.”  Here, the First Take crew reacts to Rodgers’ comments. (Here's the original interview, for those interested

First of all, if you’ve seen the photo shoot, it is embarrassing. Rodgers also clarified that he was not attacking Sanchez, that Sanchez is a friend of his, and his comments were that he, Aaron Rodgers, is embarrassed when he does photo shoots. Sanchez took the comments in stride, saying that he knew Rodgers was joking and he’s heard a lot worse from his teammates.

Once again, Skip pulled out his go-to argument against Rodgers - the Steelers were “crippled” when Rodgers beat them. Okay. Perhaps you remember another team that had SIXTEEN PLAYERS ON THE INJURED RESERVE LIST! You want to talk about “crippled” teams, Skip? How about giving a little credit to Rodgers for leading a team when at least one starter was dropping every week?! 

Then Skip goes after Aaron’s belt celebration. 1) I think it’s pretty understated for a touchdown celebration. 2) And if, as Skip suggests, Brett Favre had ever done a belt-type celebration, ESPN would have shown the clip 4235324 times an hour while smiling and sighing and admiring his youthful zeal. 3) As the other guy points out, Rodgers' own competitors have said they don’t have a problem with it!

Next up: Aaron Rodgers’ somewhat snarky comments after the season opener regarding Green Bay’s lack of offseason workouts during the lockout. Skip Bayless was one of the foremost critics of Green Bay not holding offseason workouts, with an strong implication that it was a sign of poor leadership from Rodgers. Rodgers clearly took delight in shutting up his critics - particularly Skip Bayless.

Instead of Skip admitting that the Packers’ offense clearly wasn’t hampered by the lockout, or that he was wrong to go after Rodgers during the offseason, he calls Rodgers an “arrogant jerk.” Then he goes on to criticize Rodgers' second-half performance. Jon Ritchie has enough sense to point out that the Packers changed their offensive approach in the second half and played according to the opposing defense, meaning a lot more running and a lot more conservative play calling.

Then: First Take ranks the top 5 quarterbacks in the league. Skip flips out when one commenter ranks Aaron Rodgers number one, over Tom Brady. (Fast-forward to about the 6:30 mark.)

Skip magnanimously admits that Aaron Rodgers had a good game against Atlanta in the 2010 playoffs (but qualifies that by saying Atlanta was way overrated), and against the Steelers in the Super Bowl (again, the poor, hobbling, barely-able-to-stand Steelers).

And finally: they hit Skip where it hurts - Brett Favre.

Whoa. I don’t even know where to start. How bout with Skip blaming Rodgers for the loss to the Arizona Cardinals in the 2009 wild card game? Yes, the game technically ended on a Rodgers’ fumble - a play on which a personal foul should have been called. (Not to mention the helmet-to-helmet hit on Rodgers that was not called two plays earlier. Not to mention the worst - and I mean absolute WORST - roughing the passer penalty that has ever been called in the history of the NFL  -- Warner’s still holding the ball when he gets hit! Not to mention Larry Fitzgerald’s two-handed shove on Woodson that allows him to get free for that touchdown.) But the point is, it’s hard to blame a quarterback for a loss when the defense gave up 51 points. It doesn’t quite seem fair. But I have to stop talking about this game before I have an aneurysm.

Here’s the thing Skip, you can’t crucify Rodgers for a game-ending turnover while trying to argue that Brett Favre’s season-ending turnover in 2007 wasn’t that big a deal. The only reason that Rodgers did not win that game against the Cardinals (besides the horrible defense) is because Kurt Warner had one of the all-time greatest games by a quarterback. So don’t go acting like it was a bumbling Aaron Rodgers’ ineptitude that lost that game - it was the defense and Kurt Warner. (And terrible officiating). You can’t exactly knock a guy when he passes for 423 yards and 4 touchdowns with 121.3 passer rating.

And don’t even get me started on the absurdity of the actual Favre comments.

Who would have ever thought that Stephen A. Smith would be the voice of reason??

Perhaps this post is superfluous, as everyone already knows Skip Bayless is an idiot. I, however, could not resist putting up definitive proof of the fact. Plus, it’s a bye week and I didn’t have much else to do. If the Packers get another bye this season, maybe I”ll tackle Colin Cowherd and his reluctance to admit Aaron Rodgers is elite.

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