Monday, October 24, 2011

I'm Glad We Have Aaron Rodgers and Not Any of These Quarterbacks

  • The offensive powerhouses that are the Cleveland Browns and Seattle Seahawks blew the lights out to a 6-3 finish. Who won, you ask? Do you really care?
" we want the ball to go to that rectangle at the end of the field with our team name painted on it?"

  • What was Philip Rivers thinking on the final play of the Jets-Chargers game?? Down six points with about 10 seconds to go, the Chargers faced a fourth-and-3. What to do? Should they try to pick up the first down with a quick pass to the sidelines? Or is it time for the Hail Mary now? For Philip Rivers, the answer was neither. He threw the ball out of bounds to turn the ball over on downs. End of game. Huh? Were the Chargers aware that it was fourth down? Why weren’t there any receivers down field? It reminded me of the Cowboys’ loss to Detroit a few weeks back when Felix Jones ran out of bounds short of the first down to end the game. And it’s never a good sign when you’re compared to the fourth-quarter-Cowboys. 
"It's everyone else's fault!"
  • As for Christian Ponder, I take back all the sympathy I poured on him last post - apparently he didn’t need it.

  • Tim Tebow!! Let’s not get too excited there, Tebow fans. The comeback was awesome, but it overshadowed the very disturbing fact that the Broncos were down 15 to a Matt Moore-led team! After the game, Tim Tebow thanked Jesus, his teammates, and Tony Sparano.

"You get to collect unemployment if you get fired, right?"

  • I got pretty sick of every commenter saying, “Say what you want about Tim Tebow; the kid just wins!” It was particularly annoying coming from the same people who had been bashing Tebow for the previous six weeks. When he loses next week they’ll all be shaking their heads and reverting back to their “Tebow is not an NFL quarterback” stance.

  • Nice to see Carson Palmer picking up right where he left off.
Feels just like Cincinnati!

  • I like the Detroit Lions. But reports of Ndamukong Suh and Cliff Avril taunting Atlanta QB Matt Ryan as he lay writhing on the ground in pain are not cool.

  • The Tampa Bay Bucs would have had a good chance to win in London had it not been for Josh Freeman doing his best Jay Cutler impression and throwing four interceptions.

The Most Intercepted Man in the World.

  • I’ll bet Jerry Angelo is really wishing he had shut up and given Matt Forte whatever he wanted before the season started.

  • New Orleans beat - I mean, BEAT - the Indianapolis Colts 62-7. Drew Brees completed 89% of his passes. Maybe if center Olin Kreutz hadn’t walked away before this game, he would still have some passion left. He may have retired a New Orleans Saint, but you can tell he was a Chicago Bear from the way he quit on his team. 

    • What, exactly, is the point of handing out statement fines to headhunters like Dunta Robinson if it's always reduced after an appeal? I thought the original $40K was too small a fine to begin with.
    This is pretty much the definition of leading with the helmet.
    • Donovan McNabb’s happy-go-lucky attitude about being benched is … admirable??? Maybe he’s just happy he won’t have to practice so much, if Michael Lombardi's report has any truth.

    • Arian. Foster. 115 yards rushing. 119 yards receiving. 3 touchdowns. All this playing for a team that is missing their best offensive player and their best defensive player, in a game that was being played for the divisional lead where Tennessee had something to prove. An embarrassing showing from the Titans and their $53 million man. 


    1. Aaron Rodgers is surpassing everyones expectations. Where did he come from? A late first rounder who everyone said was a system cube. this guy is going to replace #4? Yeah, right. Either he was exchanged for a robot or the guy was always good. Why did 23 teams pass on him before the packers? One of the teams was Chicago.

    2. I don't get your comment about Olin Kreutz and the Bears. Are you backhandly complimenting the Bears or insulting them?

    3. of course i'm insulting them.