Sunday, October 2, 2011

Aaron Rodgers - God of Football

49-23, Packers are undefeated, 4-0, blah blah blah...whatever. The real story here is that AARON RODGERS IS A FOOTBALL TERMINATOR.
Denver = pwned. LOL.
As Marisa said to me the other day (actually it was about 20 minutes ago), "Aaron Rodgers is a freakin' Olympian! (The god kind, not the kind that shows up every 4 years.)"

That's right. How do I know this for sure? Aaron Rodgers was clean-shaven at kickoff, but by the fourth quarter, he had a full-blown five o'clock shadow! That's a real man for sure.

Okay, there were other reasons:

1) He threw for a career high of 408 yards, threw 4 touchdowns, and ran for 2 touchdowns.

2) He is the first NFL player to throw for 400 yards and four touchdowns and have two rushing touchdowns in the same game.

3) He's the first quarterback in Packers history to throw for four TDs and run for two TDs in a game.  

(I copied those last two reasons word-for-word from some website. Oops, copyright. I'm not too worried, though. Approximately 1/2 a person and my cat read this blog.)

 Also, first appearance of the belt this season!

Heavyweight champion of the world!

He even made James Jones look good.

Just kidding, JJ. I <3 you.
Watch the 16-yd catch here.

One thing though...that second rushing touchdown? I mean, I'm glad that Mikey M. challenged the ruling, and I'm glad he won the challenge...but I'm not gonna lie. I watched the replay about four times in extreme slow motion, and it def looked to me like his knee was down before the ball was down. But hey, I'm not complaining.

I'm athletic AND sexy!

Woodson had an ice-cold pick six, which makes me very happy for him, but I still wish he'd shave his goatee.

So attractive!
Less attractive!

Jordy Nelson did his thang:

J-Fin did some cool gymnastic moves:

Floor routine?

Greg Jennings was sexy, but confused, when he got a too-easy touchdown that left him unsatisfied.

I prefer to earn my glory

And in the all-time most "awwwwwwwwww" moment of the game, Donald Driver got some smoochy, mushy love from his teammates when he scored after a leg injury:

Everyone is weeping at the TV right now. Even Bronco fans.
I'ma steal something from this website now:

"When Driver went down, Greg Jennings feared the worst at first.

'Let me tell you, he's the ultimate gladiator,' Jennings said. 'He almost had us in tears because you see a guy who pours in everything week in, week out, every practice, doesn't miss a practice, and then you see him take a hit like that and you see him grabbing his knee and it's like, 'Oh, my gosh, please God, let this not be it.' Fortunately for us and for him, he was able to bounce back.' "

Aw, Greg! You're such a softie with a mushy fuzzy bunny heart! <3

The face that launched a thousand ships. In my heart.

James Jones and Randall Cobb (who is so explosive a rookie that he needs two "l"s and two "b"s in his name) shared another, only slightly less adorable, intimate moment:

Bros 4ever

Newhouse sure let a lot of guys past him, and made things tough for Aaron. However, that didn't really matter too much, because (if I haven't made it clear yet):

AARON RODGERS IS A GOD AMONGST MEN. (grew a 5 o'clock shadow in three hours)

Matt Flynn threw an interception on his first play, but no one really cared (except him).

And then, guess what?? The game ended, and we won.


(I'm not actually dancing. But I would be, if my cat weren't on my lap.)


  1. Now this is the kind of commentary I expect from you gals. Let the feminine side through!! Aaron is a god of course, and the hair thing proves it. Or perhaps it proves his roid dose is a too high. Either way, how can he follow 4 td passes and two rush td's? Can't. This is his high point. Now it is time for someone else to pick up the slack. Clay? You listening?

  2. BREWERS ALSO WON!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. The shadow does prove everything that we need to know. And I couldn't be happier that the belt is back. Every time I see another team try it, I want to vomit. I wish I could have a packer follow me around with his ring on so I could point out the championship status of the pack, and the pack alone. And then make the simpleton of a fan kiss the ring while I make the championship belt move.

  4. Y'all are creepy.