Monday, October 10, 2011

Week 5 Recap: Mashed Potatoes, David Gruber, and also some Football

So...I'm a little giddy from exhaustion, and I'm also pretty giggly from the sheer number of penalties that just occurred in the Lions-Bears game, so this post might not be quite as coherent as one might expect. (P.S. I feel bad for bashing Jay so much. His offensive line just sucks...SO MUCH.) (Also, is it bad that I'm kind of glad the Lions won?) Whatever.

Cue badass picture of Packers walking slow-motion:

Okay, here's the deal. The Packers started the game off-balance. After we lost Clifton, we were missing two of our most important offensive tackles, and it took us a while to readjust. But adjust we did, and we are still UNDEFEATED! (I can't do my undefeated dance. I'm too tired.)

Can I just say that J-Fin bugs me sometimes?

No, not because of that shark fin thing he does.

Because he was all "Meh, give me the ball!" And then when he got it, he dropped it. Three times. As Greg Jennings would say:


Speaking of Greg, quote of the week:

"We didn't go all the way with Brett...but we did with Aaron."

Heh. Anyways. Cool stuff that happened in the game (including the 12 different receivers that Aaron found!): 


You can't stop me! Cross the plane!
 Charles Woodson was boss:

 Peprah did a good thing:

Subway came up with a funny commercial that made me laugh.

I'm sorry - "Any-tober"?

I got "Febru-any". That made sense to me. But I don't get Anytober. But I still get a huge kick out of these commercials. By the way, does anyone else only get one thing at Subway, or is that just me? I seriously get the Subway melt every time.

Speaking of commercials - Longish Tangent Approaching:

Has anyone else noticed that Aaron Rodgers made very productive use of his summer?

"Buy State Farm insurance, because I'm wearing a button-down shirt."
"I'm going to lean against a Ford truck in a manly way, and talk about my relatives."
I actually do bank with Associated Bank. There is Aaron Rodgers stuff EVERYWHERE.

 And my personal favorite:

Too far, Aaron.
Okay, back to the game. 

So are the Packers a whiny team, or are the Falcons a bunch of dirty, cheap losers?

Whiny complaints:

Ryan Pickett: 

“This was their Super Bowl. They really hate us. They were hitting us late after the play. There was some dirty play out there. We just kept our poise.

"It's unnecessary. They call it playing physical. But it's after the whistle. It's not physical. We know it watching tape that [...] they like to hit after the whistle. You have to [be] watching yourself around the piles. They point at you if you react. We just felt like if we just punch them upfront at the start it would end that. It's frustrating to a point, but we know we have to dominate them upfront in between that stuff."

B.J. Raji:

“They have a long way to go. For it to be a rivalry, you have to win meaningful games. They’re just another opponent. They have a long way to go. I wouldn’t talk like this, but when people don’t respect you, I don’t take it lying down. Those people don’t respect us, so in turn I’m not going to give them any respect.

"Great teams don't indulge in the kind of cheap stuff the Falcons do. We're the champions and we play that way. We walk away from the stuff they pull. These guys are coached to play after the whistle.

"I don't know what the deal is. I think it's a lack of talent on their part. We didn't worry about any of that. We came out and played our game."

Aaron Rodgers:

“I just think that some of the general comments that I heard that that game was kind of a fluke, maybe. I would just say that I think you need to respect your opponents. We definitely respect the Falcons...I just felt like that maybe the respect level, just as far as those comments were concerned, maybe [wasn't] there at times.”

Loser Falcons:


Well then. I think that settles that.

The Falcons are losers, who stoop to playing like pouting junior high kids. Better not try to flop in Green Bay, Hawley.

In conclusion:

1) Bud Light commercials are only very slightly surpassed in horrible comedic timing by Miller Light commercials.
2) The Saints have the best pre-game chants.
3) Thanksgiving is going to be amazing.
4) Speaking of Thanksgiving, I love mashed potatoes.
5) The Packers are 5-0, for the seventh time ever. Guess what happened the last 6 times they were 5-0?


  1. That AJ Hawk push was my favorite moment of the game! I laugh every single time I see it.

  2. The Falcons were AMAZING.....for two drives. Then they sucked horribly. The Packers played a damn good game, overcame injuries, and Aaron made some passes that would even make Dan Marino blush. It was plain fun to watch. So was that 300 pound man taking a dive. And all of the penis-reference Subway commercials. The best right now has to be this one:
    I will make sure my kid feels cool like that....and has a Darth Vader costume.
    I too love mashed taters.
    And yes, Monday Night Football was horribly fun to watch. Flashes of brilliance, big plays, lots of penalties, and that Vanden Bosch guy is pretty good. Oh yeah, and Suh smeared a guy to end it. Keep on writing! I find the giddy writing just as fun!