Friday, October 21, 2011

Week 7: Green Bay at Minnesota

Ah, the Minnesota Vikings. We Packer fans would hate them, except they're not even relevant enough to hate these days. The only concern is how the division's gonna be realigned once the Vikes head West. There's a funny sort of bond between the Vikings and the Packers now, both organizations having been screwed over by Brett Favre. It's like when you finally dump your diva boyfriend for a way hotter, cooler, nicer, better, younger guy while your ex starts dating your fatter, uglier friend in an attempt to make you jealous. But you don't even really get mad at your fat, ugly friend, because you know he's going to be as big a jerk to her as he was to you. That metaphor was unnecessary except to point out that Viking fans are fat and ugly. Which we all already knew.

I have to say I feel bad for Christian Ponder. His dysfunctional organization is throwing him into his first start against the Champions of the Universe. Dom Capers must be salivating.

Poor little rookie.

Best runner in the league Adrian Peterson will be expected to help out poor little Christian a lot and I think the Packers' defensive line will be ready for a run-heavy Vikings offense.

Side note: There's a good chance for a Vic So'oto sighting this week, since Zombo's triumphant return was cut short by a hyperextended knee, and Jamari Lattimore is dealing with a shoulder injury. For those unfamiliar with So'oto, he made quite an impression in the preseason game against the Chiefs, when he had a pick-six, a forced fumble, and a sack and a half. Plus, his name is fun to say. He's only played one defensive snap this season in garbage time, but will probably see a few, at least, behind Erik Walden this Sunday.
He's still working on his Lambeau Leaps.

The most interesting thing about this week is the match-up between fill-in left tackle Marshall Newhouse and NFL sack leader Jared Allen (who is only slightly less toolish after chopping his mullet. Ugh.)
"I'm so cool!"
Allen is having one of his best seasons in recent memory. I think a lot of the responsibility will fall to Aaron Rodgers getting the ball out of his hands quickly, which he's been pretty darn good at this season.

Injuries: Sam Shields doubtful with a concussion. Marshall Newhouse missed Friday's practice for personal reasons, but is expected to start. Ryan Pickett was concussed at Thursday's practice (oh no!) but is expected to play Sunday (whew).

If you like the Vikings, you blaspheme. 

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