Friday, October 14, 2011

Week 6: St. Louis at Green Bay

So St. Louis is 0-4. Green Bay is 5-0.

Rams' running back/beast Steven Jackson has been hampered this season because of a quad injury, but says he is now back to 100%. Without much of a passing game, the Rams hopes this proves true; I expect a lot of running from Jackson. The Packers' run defense is pretty solid, but if Jackson truly is back to his old form, he could be quite a challenge to contain.

The Rams are also coming off a bye week. They're well-rested and have had two weeks to game plan for the Pack.  Throw in the fact that, at 0-4, they have nothing to lose, and I smell an upset! 24-14 Rams over the Packers!
No. I'm totally just joking. The Rams have absolutely no chance of winning this game. Sorry.  They're missing their top THREE corners against the league's best offense. (And it's not like their starting corners were that good, either - I had never heard of any of the three.) Plus, their leading receiver, Danny Amendola, is out for the year after re-injuring the elbow/triceps he hurt in the season opener. Plus, the offense is not taking well to offensive coordinator Josh "He Still Has a Job?" McDaniels's scheme. Plus, poor Sam Bradford's getting destroyed behind his offensive line, having already been sacked 18 times. To put that in perspective, Bradford's been sacked as many times as Jay Cutler - BUT Jay's played five games and Bradford only four. I guess this means there does actually exist an offensive line that's worse than Chicago's. Can't be fun to be you, Sam.

This game will bring Al Harris back to Lambeau. I know a lot of people didn't like Al, but I always really did.

He always had such great hair, full and even dreads, not thin and scraggly like so many other players.
Nice and kempt braids.

And he and Woodson looked so good together.
That's a nice looking tandem right there.
And he liked to tackle. How often during a telecast did we have to hear the announcers use the word "physical" to describe Al?

And now, in news that probably no one else cares about except for me and one of my sisters: Aaron Kampman is expected to be back on the field Sunday for the Jaguars! The former Packer is one of my all-time favoritest players ever and has had his last two seasons end with ACL tears in each knee. I hope he plays amazingly and never, ever gets hurt again.

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  1. Excellent pregame pump up ladies! Well, it is the second quarter, but I just read it, so it's pregame. That Pack is already up a bunch, but it is fun to watch. And I enjoyed Al Harris too. I enjoy pretty much any player who can cover players well and absolutely SMEAR them if they happen to catch the ball. Another overused phrase would tell us that it's "hard nosed football."